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 A Multi Institutional & MultiLingual Approach of Election Management 
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EMS is a multi-institutional and multi-lingual election management system. It is a role-based access system. In future system will support both the Bio-metric Authentication mode as well as Unique id (UID) authentication mode and provide the mailing notice facility to its users.

Functional Modules in Election Management System.
  1. Webadmin
    Web Admin is the person who manages the EMS on server side.He receives registration requests from different institutes who wish to use the services of EMS. Superadmin has the privileges to accept or reject requests for registration from any institute after verification.Superadmin can reset the password of users on their request.
  2. Chief Election officer
    Chief Election officeris the authority of any institute who will manage the whole election process.Instituteadmin works as a chief election officer and can create Election Manager i.e. Election Officer for the managing particular election process. This module helps in managing Election Manager Registration, Block Election Managers Account.
  3. Election Manager
    Election Officercan create,open and close elections. Election Manager will be able to manage requests of voters and candidates for registration. It will be the responsibility of Election Manager to authenticate voters,candidates and publish the result on time. This modules facilitate to upload Bulk data of voters as well as candidates. Election Manager is responsible to send userId and password, which is system generated, to its voters and candidates.
  4. Voter/Candidate
    Voters/Candidate may register themselves online and cast their votes . may register themselves online and cast their votes. Voters can register themselves as a candidate and able to manage their account in a restricted manner.Voters gets a one time password for each election which is system generated and valid for a particular election. being a Candidates voter can file nomination for a particular post in a election declared by the Election Manager online. Candidates will be able to campaign online and cast their vote in secure manner.
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